Hematology Analyzer (Hema 3210):
18 parameters, with 3 part WBC differential, 10 uL sampler volume Memory of 30,000 results including histograms, Throughput : 60 samplesihour Automatic and manual calibration, Automatic dilution when power onloff High voltage cleaning after each measurement, QC mode; X-B, L-J curve, SD, CV Temperature 15°C-30°C
Hematology Analyzer (Hema 2062 Plus):
23 parameters, with 3 part WBC differential, Aperture Diameter 70Um - 10 uL sampler volume, Memory of 30,000 results including histograms, Throughput : 60 samplesihour, Automatic and manual calibration, Automatic dilution when power on/off, High voltage cleaning after each measurement, QC mode; X-B, L-J curve, SD, CV Temperature 15°C-30°C, Humidity 10%-85%
Biochemistry Analyzer:
Nova Basic SA-2021B (Semi Auto Biochemistry Analyzer):
- Test items: 3 250 - Flow cell: quartz flow cell 32uL
- With both shipping and cuvette system - Lamp: PHILIP 6V 10W -    Measurement range: 0~5Abs- Wavelength precision +- 2nm
- Resolution; 0.001 Abs(display), 0.0001 Abs (calculation)
- Temperature control: Peltier 37°C, 3o°C, 25°C, 101°C
- Repeatability: <1%
Bio Chemistry Analyzer (Nova 2020 Plus):
Throughput: 130 tests /hour, up to 200 tests/hour with ISE (optional)-Wavelength: 11 interference filters: 340mm, 405nm, 450nm, 492nm, 505nm, 546nm, 578nm, 620nm, 670nm, 700nm-Sample tray: 28 sample Positions any position can be aligned at STAT which can be inserted at any time during the routine examination-24 hour non stop cooling in sample/reagent positions (4-15°C) with Peltier element–Reagent Tray: 56 reagent Positions for R1 and R2-On Board Cuvette Washing-Reaction tray: 48 reaction cuvettes, 6mm optical path, plastic cuvettee, semi-permanent-Reaction rotor: 150ml~3ooml-QC rules: Westgard Multi-rule, Cumulative sum check, twin plot, 3 concentration levels QC-QC Mode: Real time, intra day & day QC
Bio Chemistry Analyzer (Nova 2200 Plus, Nova 2300 Plus):
Throughput: 225 tests /hourvvithout ISE module - Light source: Halogen-tungsten lamp, 12V 20W, life span 3 2000 hours - Wavelength: 340nm, 405nm, 450nm, 510nm, 546nm, 578nm, 630nm, 670nm - Absorbance range: 0-6 Abs - On Board Cuvette Washing - Liquid level detection and collision protection - Reagent pre-heating function, inventory checking, Real time monitoring of reagent residual volume and auto alarm - 24 hour non stop cooling in sample/reagent positions (4-15°C)with Peltier elernent
Electrolyte Analyzer:
Compact, economical and easy - to- use , Excellent precision and reliability, Long life, high performance, maintenance - free electrodes, Automatic sampling, washing and calibration Touch screen, large LCD display, Internal thermal recorder
Urine Analyzer (U R1 UA-2800):
Test ltems: Urobilinogen, bilirubin, ketone, blood, protein, nitrite, leukocytes, glucose, pH, VC and specific gravity TestWavelengtl1: 525mm, 572nm, 610nm, 660mm TestThrougl1put: 240 samples / hour Samples Input / Output: 110 samples with 11 tracks Data Memory: 10,000 sample results, 5000 emergency treatment results, 1000 quality control results
Electrolyte & Blood Gas Analyzer:
BG 2100 is an innovative ISE Electrolyte and Blood GasAna|yzercomplementlng our existing ISE NG.The analyzer measures K+, Na+, Cl+, Ca++, pH, PCO2 and PO2 in whole blood, serum and plasma. The analyzer has a compact design, is easy to operate, economical and is virtually maintenance free. The aspirate probe has a self-cleansing mechanism affording enhanced operator safety, low carry-over and cross-contamination . 240 *128 dots LCD Display ' Soft, Keypad -200 pL Sample Volume -Whole Blood, Serum, Plasma - 65 Samples / hour Throughput Built-in Thermal Printer
Urine Analyzer (URINOVA 2100):
Test Iteam: Urobilinogen, Billirubin, Ketone, Blood, Proten, Nitrite, Leukocytes, Glucose, Specific Gravity, pH and VC
Test Wavelength: 5255nm, 572nm, 610nm, 660nm
Test Principle: Reflected Photometer
Suitable Strips: Analytical Au8, AU 10 and AU11 urinalysis strips
Test throughput: 120 strips/h or 60 strips/h optional
Data Memory: 1000 patient results
Computer Interface: RS-232 port; Parell Printer Port
Display: 240*64 Dot-Matrix LCD
Language: English
Power Supply: 100-240VAC, 50Hz/60Hz
Power: 40VA
Dimensions: 376mm*316mm*170mm
Printer: Built-in Thermal Printer
Chemiluminescence Analyzer (CLIA):
Test Speed: 120 test hour

Reagent Position: 24, simultaneously lays aside 24 kind of reagents

Reagent position refrigeration function: available

One time loading volume of tube: 180; Continuous loading: available

Reagent bar code: available; Reagent remainder warning: available

Automatic dilution: available
Coagulation Analyzer (COA 2202):
Test Method: double magnetic route, Sample consumption: <=2oouL

Reagent consumption: 5ouL~20ouL, Temperature: 37°C+- 0.5°C

Adding sample: by a timing linkage, Precision: +-10%; CV<=10%

Speed: £300s (depend on setting), Channel: 4/z/1

Sample warming up position: 16/8/8, Reagent warming up position: 6/6/6
Sperm Analysis imaging System:
Sperm Analysis Imaging System known as CASA (Computer Aided Sperm Analyzer) analyzes all kinds of Sperms including human, boar, bull, rat and dog etc. The special functions of SAIS are motility and morphology Sperm Concentration and Motility

1. User friendly menu based on windows application program (easy to use)
2. Real time evaluation of live sperm cells by a high resolution CMOS camera
3. Counted numbers of cells and fields determined by users
4. Simultaneous display of live image and analyzed data on the monitor
5. Estimation of each sperm's moving pattern and velocity
6. Various analyzed data 7. Save and replay of sperm cells-live image
8. Fast analysis speed (2 sec/400 cells)
9. Veterinary application (opti0n)
Analytical lmager 0.2003T/ MRI /CT SCANNER:
Full scale upgraded FSE-Fast hydro-imaging for crisp display of MRCP and MRU - Relaxation time difference and signal phase difference enable water-fat suppression and separation imaging- Line scan or K space non uniform sampling make high B value diffusion imaging available-Thin slice and small FOV imaging make high resolution display of small organs available–Breath-hold scan eliminates motion artifact for chest and abdomen-Over-sampling provides flexible FOV imaging–Single-shot imaging for ultra-fast examination-Dynamic analysiss can for kinematic imaging -MRA for clinical applications–Repeat time optimization improves sampling efficiency- Echo sharing reduces can time