Installations, Demo and Trainning:

We have team of service engineers who can attend to any make of the range of products we offer apart from our own systems for the installation, Demonstration and Training promptly @ the most economical cost.
Repair, Maintenance(AMC) Services:

Servicing, Validations, Trainings and Preventive Maintanances for all Analyzers like HPLC, SPECTROPHOTOMETERS, HEMATOLOGY ANALZERS, BIOCHEMISTRY ANALYZERS

         We have team of service engineers who can attend to any make of Systems promptly @ most economical cost.

AMC : We also take up Preventive Maintenances to reduce downtime of Analyzers

Validation : We have protocols for carrying out periodic Validations as per GLP/GMP/USFDA norms

Trainings : We offer user trainings both In-House and at Customer sites on Principles, operations, troubleshooting of Analyzers

Corporate Instruments Consultancy Services (CICS) / Corporate Instruments Maintanance Services ( CIMS ) :

Minimizing the cost of operations for the Instruments. One of our Engineers will be always stationed at the customer’s place to offer FIRST AID services for all the Instruments in case of breakdown to save time. We Take responsibility of maintaining the inventory of most consumables parts of Various instruments. Co-ordination with suppliers and evaluating the recommendations made by service engineers on the feasibility.

Refurbished / Pre-owned Instruments :

We can buy back the old / used Analyzers of our customers to supply our new Analyzers. The old Analyzers would be refurbished and supplied to customers who cannot afford to go in for new Analyzers. We also use the refurbished systems and modules to give standbye support to warrenty break downs of our new systems, if any.

We offer instruments Renting services :

We offer systems or modules on rent , to get more details, please contact us.

HPLC Consumables:

We offer all the Consumables / Reagents/ Quality Control Standards / Calibration Sandards/ Validation Standards,.required for running the Analyzers like HPLC, SPECTROPHOTOMETER, FTIR, HEMATOLOGY ANALYZER, BIO-CHEMISTRY ANALYZER ( Clinical Chemistry Analyzers). We also manufacture reagents for Hematology and BioChemistry, Urine Analysis.

Also, we offer Spares and Consumables for any make of Analyzers , especially HPLC Systems :

HPLC Consumables like Check Valves, Plunger( Piston ) , Plunger Seals, Line Filters, Suction Filters, vRotor Seals Pulse Damper, Mixer, ,Solvent, vAutosampler vials, vHPLC Columns

     --- Crush proof cartridge makes routine maintenance quick and easy
     --- Pistons are engineered to insure a high quality surface finish
     --- Seals are designed for long life, wide range of solvent compatibility, and optimum performance
     --- Self Priming Check Valves

Source Lamps : :

Source Lamps for all Analytical Instruments such as D2, Halogen, Xenon. Tungsten, Mercury vapors, Hallow Cathod Lampsetc,.

Chromatography Columns : :

Apart from supplying our own Columns, we also stock leading brands like Zorbax, Symmetry, Grom, Vydak, Kromasil, Hypersil, Analytical, Flexit , Brava, Nucleosil, Inertsil, Grace etc,.

     --- Microbore, Analytical and Preparative –HPLC Columns and guard columns.
     --- GPC Columns, CombiChem and Amino Acid.
     --- BULK METERIALS for Columns and Frits and Hardware for Columns.
     --- GROM speciality columns for fast analysis, fastEnvironmental.
     --- GROM speciality columns or reagent kits, taylor made and customized

Grom, Vydak, Kromasil, Hypersil, Analytical, Flexit, Brava, Nucleosil, Inertsil, Grace etc,. Also Bulk meterials, Media for Columns packing.,.

Miscellaneous Consumables :

PEEK Nuts, SS Nuts, Ferrules, SS Tubings, Solvent Reservoir filters Septas,

Testing,Training and Contract Research Solutions