2230 HPLC:
HPLC Analysis is usually applied to different polarity involite or thermostable organic Compounds, also a variety of bioactive substances and natural polymers amongst many. Today 80% of organic Compounds can use liquid chromatography for analysis and detection
Inteligent LC 3000:
With decades of expertise in HPLC technoloqies, we have pleasure in having our latest Intelligent LC™ 3000 Series Systems with FDA Compliance and built-in serf diagnostic features. Intelligent 3000 Series carries many user friendly features over our former model 2230. We offer complete range of HPLC Systems of various. configurations of the customer's interest. Our range includes isocratic, High Pressure Binary, Ternary, Quarternary, Ana Iytica I, Semi Prep., Prep and Process Scale Systems. Both integrated and modular systems can be supplied with various options of detectors like UV,Uv-Vtsible, flourescent, Refractive index, Conductivity, Electrochemical,Evoperative lioght scattering (ELSD) etc.
Flash chromatography or "Flash purification", is a rapid form of preparative column chromatography, featured in rapid separation, is especially useful in separation and purification of large scale of complex organic intermixture, combinatorial chemistry, drug discovery and natural product research and development.
Amino Acid Analyzer:
Automated Amino Acid Analyzer:Automated Amino Acid Analysis by NIN Hydrin Method of Post Column derivatisation. High Sensitivity and High resolution is achieved for Amino Acids.
Automated HPLC with PDA/DAD (Photo Diode Array):
Photo diode array detector with 512 and 1024 diodes configurations are available. Peak purity calculations, spectral library search functions, three dimensional views and contour plots
ALC 2028 Integreted:
ALC-2028 Series HPLC a versatile unit which utilises the latest modern technology to simplify operation without sacrificing accuracy or reliability. The All-in-one design system equipped with precise solvent delivery pump, high sensitivity UV detector, manual injector and chromatographic software. The whole HPLC system is preconfigured before ship to customers. Only one thing need to do is just place the mobile phase.
ION Chromatography:
Ion Chromatography is one of the most important methods for the determination of alkaline, alkaline earth and transition metals, inorganic anions, sulfuric compounds of different oxidation levels, organic acids, and various tensides. Indeed, for aqueous solutions Ion Chromatography is one of the most sensitive methods for these substances, since in most cases the samples can be injected into the system without time consuming sample preparation. If required, e.g. for trace amounts, enrichment can be done within the chromatographic system.
GAS Chromatography:
GC 3000:
The GC3000 series of gas chromatograph is a new generation product carries on the structure and the performance in the original GC27 series gas chromatograph manufacture foundation expands, basis the global GC technological develops witrh EPC, AFC technology chromatograph system, import now the international high-end gas chromtograph’s under the stable premise, realize the consummation automation, intellectualization, multi-functionalization.

Powerful Control Functions

· All the parameters can be controlled by GC work station.
· Use powerful multi-CPU system steady and correct control
· ARM9-32 micro chip, 64M memory can process complicated graphics controlling function interface.
· 8 way external event function support multi-valve switch, achieved many dimensions chromatograph system
· Auto backdoor function, achieved oven about room temperature control operate
GC 2979 Plus:
1. Brand-new designed microcomputer temperature control system of world advanced control technology. High accuracy of temperature control (optimum: ± 0.05°C), high reliability and anti-interference.
2. Control and operating parameters (including for detectors) set up by the keyboard. Self-diagnosis system, power-fail protection, file storage and call, limited temperature setting. Accurate display of setting and actual value of temperature control of each path, bridge current of TCD, sensitivity of FID, retention and analysis time.
3. Four paths of independent control sections: column oven, sample injector, detector and thermal conductive pond.
4. 5-ramp programmed temperature rising control. Auto-drop of temperature of column oven (auto-opening the door behind the oven) to a fast cooling.
5. Dual FID provided with options of GC 2979 A-TCD, GC 2979A-ECD, GC 2979 A-FPD and GC2979A-NPD, gas sampling valve, transformation oven, absorber and pyrolysis absorber available for selection. Two detectors can be installed at the same time with high sensitivity. Short time to be stabilized and easy to clean and install nozzle.
6. Packed column and capillary column (0.53 large diameter or small diameter) can be installed easily including a complete set of split sampling connector and tailing connector to be installed free of charge. Optional 0.53mm large diameter capillary direct sampler is available for choice.
7. Analysis can be conducted in packed or capillary column with multiple sampling methods.
8. Packed column: on-column sampling, instantaneous vaporized sampling and gas sampling.
9. Capillary column: split sampling and 0.53mm large diameter capillary direct sampling.
10. Construction of dual gas path, dual sample injector and dual packed column system can effectively avoid baseline undulation and drift in real time and facilitate programmed temperature rising analysis. Accurate and scaled type gas path control valves will provide a high repeatability and stability.
11. Advanced functions: auto ON/OFF temperature control system, permanent data storage, file storage and call and over-temperature protection.
12. Large volume column (300x280x270) can hold capillary column and dual packed column. Built-in heating filament structure is in favor of quartz capillary analysis.
13. A complete set of accessories including purifier, pressure-reducing valve, gas path tube, wrench and tools, injection needle and connectors of all kinds are provided free of charge and are ready to connect with supply-air system prepared by users.
The AKTAHSCCC System & HSCCC Systems/ CPC (Centrifugal Partition Chromatograph) The AKTAHSCCC System is a compact integration of HSCCC manufactured by us and AKTA Prime manufactured by GE Co., Ltd. — Healthcare. It need not any solid support carrier and has UFHQUE
Column wash-Digital HPLC pump:
Digital pump for HPLC with flow rate 0.01 – 10 ml/min and limit of pressure 40(20) is design for column washing. This pump can also be used as standby pump for HPLC system.
Digital Amperometric EC Detector, Model EC 3200:
The AEC 3200 is highly sensitive electrochemical for Analytical HPLC. The instrument even allows for the detection of substance in lower pictogram range. For the use in routine clinical environment, the ACE 3200 features is easy handling and providing multitude of functions for automation. The basic equipment of the AEC 3200 includes the detector cell AEC 4200. Principle: Amperometric detector with tree electrode technique. Working Potential: ± 2.00V, Measurement Range: ± (10pA – 20mA), Auto Zero Range: max ± 50mA, manual offset range: max ±50mA LCD Display: Display of setting and measurement of data, Filter: 5Hz – 0.02Hz (0.2 – 50 sec), Detector noise level: < 0.3pA, Automatic cell cleaning, Cleaning potential: ± 2.00V, Cleaning Duration: 1-100 sec, Delay time cleaning potential: 10 – 1500sec, Cleaning cycle: every1st to 10th cycle, Storage Capacity for measurement program: 0 – 99, Analogue output: ±1V per measurement range, Auto Zero interface: active low, switching contact, active high, curr/volt. Input, Power supply: Input: 115-230V, 50-60 Hz, output: 12 V DC, 2.5A, Dimension: 260 × 510 × 160 mm (W×D×H), Wight: 7.6 kg
RI Detector:
The RI 2000 Differential Refractive Index Detector series offers the sensitivity. Stability and reproducibility required for optimal RI detection. The thermal isolated optic with a countercurrent heat exchanger and with its programmable temperature control, results in an extremely stable baseline and an optimal signal/Noise ratio. The RI 2000 series provide auto purge and auto zero capability. As well as RS 232 communication to acquire data directly without using any external signal interface RI 2000 detector are available for : micro Analytical - semi preparative mode.
ELSD is ideal for pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical Analysis. Universal, Sensitive, Detection for many different pharmaceutical compounds. Amiloride HCL hydrate, Acetazola mide, Hydrochlorothiazide, Chlorthlidone, Hydrof umethiazide, Clopamide, Bumetanide, Trichloromethiazide, Indapamide, Bendrof umethiazide, Bumetanide, Probenecide, Spironolactone etc.
Auto Sampler for HPLC / UPLC / UFLC:
The system can be upgraded at any time of the basic version for fix volume injection with sample loop overfilling. Up to variable volumes from 1–100ml (Optional up to 500ml) without changing the sample loop. With the next upgrading step, the S 5200 used for fully reagents can be added to the specified. Sample volume, mixed with sample and programmed with independent reaction time. In addition, the sample can be diluted with more than 100 times (depending on sample volume). For temperature sensitive sample, the sample try can be cooled or heated with the optional cooling system. For chemical inert operation, the instrument can be delivered for fully metal –free sample handling (completely equipped with PEEK and FEP materials, including sample needle). A wide range of sample operation through large alphanumeric display menu.
Ultrasonic (Ultrasound) is the sound which human being cannot hear. Ultrasonic utilities and frequencies from and above 18Khz. (18,000 Cycles per sound) High frequency electrical energy is converted into ultrasound wave by means of ultrasonic Transducers, which are bonded on the base of SS Cleaning tanks. These high frequency sound waves created in liquid countless, Microscopic vacuum bubbles, which rapidly expand and collapse. This phenomenon is CAVITATION. These bubble acts like miniature high speed brushes, driving the liquid into all opening and minute recesses of the object immersed in the liquid. Intense Scrubbing of cavitations cleans away all the dirt and soil from the object immersed and the object is perfectly cleaned. Intricate objects can be cleaned with either complete or little Dismantling .