General Lab
Water Purification System:
Water purification system for optionally producing both pure water and ultra pure water without the need for Prepurified feed. it can deliver up to 25 liters per hour0f 1-5 s/cm conductivity pure Water or 18.2 M cm ultra pure water direct From a potable water supply. This makes Tauto RUN a cost-effective choice with flexility for laboratory applications. Applications: General Chemistry, HPLC/GC/GC-MS/LC-MS, Laboratory washing machines including final rines, Buffer Preparation & Water culture.
lce Holding Capacity : 3 Kg / 5kg Compressor : 0.75 Hp Minimum Temp. : -55 Deg C Chamber Dimension : 175mm * 130mm -Overall Dimension : 450 * 500 * 400 Digital display of Temperature Digital Display of vacuurn (Optional) 8 port flask manifold including 8 *3/4 quick seal valve I Cold trap lid made of S.S. with hose for solvent recovery vacuum pump protection. S.S. Drying chamber, 240mm internal diameter * 300mm high for freeze drying with petri dish, test tubes, ampoules . vacuum Pump, Double stage direct drive/belt drive, ultimate pressure: 6.65 * 10 -3 m bar approx, pump-Power Supply:220 VA.C. 50Hz. Accessories : Vacuum nose, clamps etc. speed 150L/min (Optional) .
Oxygen Analyzer/Online Gas Analyzer:
Based on our own proprietary Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy (DLAS)technology, LGA-2000 Laser Gas Analyzer is capable of continuous on-the-spot gas concentration measurement and monitoring. It Demonstrates the characteristics of in situ detection in lieu of sampling, high measurement precision, short Response time, easy installation and maintenance, and etc. Application fields: Metallurgy, Petrochemical industry, biochemical pharmaceutics, environmental protection and Waste management, aeronautics and astronautics and other situations where gas analysis are needed
Digital Refractometer:
Characteristics: -Full automatic measuring, avoid personal error. - LCD touch screen. - The material of Instrument connection is hard glass, wear Resistant - Have the function of temperature display, automatic correction and saving the date. - RS232 interface. Specificaticns: - Measuring range Refractive index n, : 1 3000-1.7000 - Brix (BX-TC) : 0-95% - Brix (BX) : 0-95% - Measuring accuracy Refractive index n : +- 0.0002 -Dissolved solids Brix. +- 0.1% - Measuring resolution Refractive index n: +-0.0001 - Dissolved solids Brix. +- 0.1% Weight (Gross) : 2kg - Overall dimensions . 329mm*214mm*150mm
Characteristics: - Visual measurement of color matching to determine material color - Design in conformity with internationally accepted color scale of Lovibond - Simple structure and easy to operate Specifications: - Measurement range: R ed . R0.1-R79.9 Lovibond / Yellow . R0.1-R79.9 Lovibond / Blue R0.1-R49.9 Lovibond / Neutral : 0.13.9 Lovibond - Minimum Reading: 0.1 Lovidond - Weight (Gross): 11kg 0 Overall dimensions: 620mm * 440mm * 300mm
Electronic Analytical Balance:
Electronic Analytical Balance is the most advanced electronic balance. Accuracy, stability, multi-function and automation of performance satisfy the requirements of all quality analysis in laboratories.The balance employs high performance single-chip MCS-51 as the microprocessor control and is provided with standard signal output interface for directly connecting with printers, computers and other equipment. Functions: - Taring - Accumulating - Fault alarm - Hanging Weighing - Auto-calibration - Range transfer – Adjustable Integrated time – Adjustable sensitivity –Unit selection (g.Cart.oz) –Counting – Print –RS 232c, Output Interface
Digi Visco:
Digital viscometer has the advantage of high accuracy, stable digital display, easy to operate and good anti interference. it is widely used in the measurement of viscosity of various kinds of fluid such as grease, paints, food, medicine, adhesive and cosmetics, etc. it can also be used to determine the viscosity resistance and absolute viscosity of the liquids.