SPECTRO UV 2060 Plus (Dual Beam):
SPECTRO UV 2060 Plus self-splits into even power of gain of photodiode preamplifier into optimal ranges with mm bandwidtl1.The wavelength range is lgorirn ~ 11oonrn. Built-in calculating programs are always updated and timely new to stay as a pioneer A specialized noise reduction gives our SPECTRO ll UV 2060 Plus maximum stability for voltage and signal processing. Auto blank measuring system using 8 tells auto-roated holder provides more stable data cornparedwith a traditional split beam spectrophotometer. SPECTRO 2o6oUV PLUS has a userfriehdly simple interface thatguidesyou through computations with easy-to-see touch button.
SPECTRO UV 2080 Plus (Double Beam):
320 x 2/,0 bit graphics with LCD display, Each Line shows the 10 sets of data, the total storage 300 sets of data, could performwavelength scanning and Mlultvwavelengthscanning-Special llght source components, replacement of the optical adjustmenttoremove Largesamplechambercanbeplacedaccessories-Automatic power oft function to maintain data Bandwidth can be adlustedtoognm-ltcan doderivatesspectra.
Optical Emission Spectrometer:
Optical Emission Spectrometer is based on latest advances in spectroscopy and designed for direct precision and express elemental analysis of any metals and alloys in factory or research laboratories. OES is carried out in the form of table working place and consists of Spectrometer complete with multi CCD optics facility, spark stand, spark source, spectrometer control, readout system, spark analyzing software and any additional software or hardware to improve the efficacy of the instrument. Compatible PC, peripherals & data control systems.. Spectrometer is the analytical device for elemental analysis of laboratory application which principle of action is based on the atomic- emission spectral analysis with a source of spectra excitation - the generator of the unipolar low-voltage spark in argon. Easy-to-use High reliable instrument for express elemental analysis of all kind alloys of Fe, AL, Cu, Co & Sn bases and etc. with 0,00002% accuracy
Raman Spectrometer:
The inpire from Analytical Technologies represents the state of the art for an accurate, cost-Effective and easy to use Raman Spectrometer. Our premium instrument features a choice of two diode laser wavelengths. TE cooled back thinned CCD array detector and the Raman filter sampling module. The inpire can handle multiple sensing requirements simply and quickly by changing the stainless steel probe cap. The sample compartment accommodates vials in its own totally dark environment. The inpire meets stringent USP Monograph 1120 requirements for resolution, sensitivity and stability, it comes with RSIQ software that operates the spectrometer and performs YOO with one touch test and Qualification.
lnfram Fusion Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometers 2990:
The Fusion Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer 2990 is available in the following configuration: FlameOnly / Graphite Furnace / Combined Flame and Graphite Furnace with the option for up to nine heating ramps. The system is fully controlled from a PC with AAW in Software. The Fusion Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer 2990 is available in the following configuration: FlameOnly / Graphite Furnace / Combined Flame and Graphite Furnace with the option for up to nine heating ramps. The system is fully controlled from a PC with AAW in Software.The main features of the system are; The integration of flame burner and graphite furnace in one compact unit enables automatic - interchanging between the flame mode and furnace mode using few simple keystrokes. - Eight lamp turret for automatic positioning of each hollow cathode lamp. - Automatic fuel gas (C2H2) flow rate adjustment to optimize combustion in element analysis. - Automatic adjustment of burner height for optimized analysis conditions. ~ Automated wavelength scanning and peak searching. - Automatic Reflecting/Transmittance beam-splitter positioning - Automaticswitch overofspectral bandwidth (5 choices). - Automatic PMT and lamp current adjustment, automatic AA and BG energy balance
lnfram FTIR / FTNIR / NIR Spectroscopy:
NiR - 2800 is controiled by compatible computer and provided with NIR spectrometer operation software. It features easy operation and full function. It adopts crossed Czemy-Turner structure for its monochromator optical system, which has less coma, lower astigmatism and stray light; CCD or PDA array as the detector to fulfiil various measurementtask.
Spactrofluorometer - 2620:
Designedforboth routineand researchapplicationsthe Spectrofluoro-2620 cornbinesa highlysensitive trorneterwith a range of accessories and application specific software to provide a flexible solution to meet a range of applications. Researchers have the choice of ANALYTICALS unique cross-technique PC-based Windows software Spectra Manage for more demanding experimentation. Routine users will appreciate the simple touch screen LCD display of the iRM (intelligent Remote Module) which Provides an alternative instrument control interface with the ability to display graphics and output reports.
Mass Spectrometers - LCMS / LCGCMS / GCMS:
A new concept of Quad Analyser Multimode Mass Spectrometer Systems. 3 Mass spec in one HRGC, HPLC, DIP-MS, Provides following: 3 choice of mass filters to 1000, 1500 and 2000 +amu New and unique mass detector, modularly, rettrofitable , for GC, HPLC, DIP (direct probe) Best Sensitivity and great Resolution